Why Waking Up Early Is Good For You

Many people argue that waking up early is neither good nor bad; it’s all about getting enough quality sleep. While that is definitely true, getting up early is also very good for you. I don’t know if any official studies have been done on it, but I do know from experience that waking up early just plain makes you feel good, especially once you’ve started moving around and getting your blood pumping.

But how exactly does that mean it’s good for us? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying “mind over matter”. In this case because we start off our day proud and happy that we got up early, the rest of the day will have a tendency to fall into place. We will more than likely eat breakfast since we have the time now, and in turn that will make us feel more energetic. Because we feel more energetic perhaps we’ll take a quick run around the block and get some exercise. Since we got some exercise maybe we’re feeling pretty good about ourselves and have more confidence so we decide to finally talk to the person we’ve had a bit of a crush on lately.

Waking Up Early Improves Your Mental and Physical HealthDo you see how just because of waking up early we can change the climate of our entire day? With more time to do things we have more time to take care of ourselves properly. Mind and body are so connected and yet we forget that a lot of times. We forget that if we feel good about ourselves we can often accomplish much more in every aspect of our lives than when we feel outright crappy because we crawled out of bed at the last minute only to be forced to rush through our morning routine, which then makes us start out the day irritable.

Sure, waking up early may not have any direct proven health benefits, or maybe it does but I’ve just not heard of them. Either way it’s good for you because it causes a positive domino effect on your entire mind, body, and day.

So what do you have to lose? Get motivations and tips on how to get up early from our website, then create a goal of when you’d like to start getting up by each morning. Once you reach that goal you will have more time during your day and you’ll start out each day bright, happy, and ready for anything life decides to throw at you.

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